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3D immersive experience specialist Saganworks announces inaugural user conference 

Tech company and sponsor of the upcoming Culture Geek conference, Saganworks, has announced its first annual user conference will be held in May 2021 . . . a celebration of users to shower them with appreciation, nurture the platform’s growing community and provide exclusive access to new features and functionality that will be arriving in the very near future.

For some time now, professionals across all industries and sectors have speculated on what day-to-day business (and indeed everyday life) will look like post-Covid. From basic working practices to the running of festivals and events, there’s plenty of talk around “hybrid” – the blending of in-person and online activities.

At its inaugural user conference, Saganworks will share how 3D Immersive Experiences are changing the way content is delivered to individuals and businesses alike with an exciting combination of digital and on-location delivery from the company’s home in Ann Arbor. The SaganWorld User Conference held at the Blue Llama Jazz Club will welcome a small cohort of 50 power users and pioneers of the platform. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain new insights, share experiences, learn from their peers and provide invaluable feedback on the platform to Saganworks’ development team. Non-users are encouraged to join as well, free of charge, to learn more about Saganworks.

The conference will also mark the launch of an array of new tools that will add layers of functionality and customisation, enabling users to enhance and develop their Sagans of the future.

What is unique about this particular conference, however, is that those unable to attend the 2-day conference running on the 6th and 7th May 2021 won’t have to miss out. Each of the platform’s 4,500 registered users will be able to attend the conference virtually, with talks, seminars and even breakout sessions live streamed via the Blue Llama Jazz Club. Each attendee will receive a digital twin of the conference venue, filled with all of the conference content for viewing whenever they please. And because the virtual version of the conference will be saved digitally, attendees will be able to revisit and relive the event whenever they want. 

The user conference not only represents a fantastic opportunity for early adopters of the technology to interact and collaborate; it also gives those in the museum sector and beyond a taste of what the future holds for exhibits, galleries, conferences and events.

Ahead of May’s user conference, Saganworks CEO, Donald Hicks, said:

“We have positioned ourselves as pioneers of enhanced experiences, having developed a platform that brings spatial context to virtual environments. We’re thrilled to celebrate our early users and to thank them for joining us on this journey.

“I’m excited by this event and by what our users will get out of it. By connecting our audience, celebrating the first year of our user community and bringing creative minds together, I know we’ll help users to continue to develop and innovate.”

Sign up for the inaugural SaganWorld user conference here.

To find out more about Saganworks and how the company’s 3D immersive experiences are being used by museums around the world, visit You can also read our interview with Donald Hicks in MuseumNext’s “People Behind Museums” series here.

About the author – Tim Deakin

Tim Deakin is a journalist and editorial consultant working with a broad range of online publications.

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