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Clara Cobb

Clara Cobb

Senior Marketing Manager
Dallas Museum of Art

Clara Cobb is the senior marketing manager at the Dallas Museum of Art, where she handles CX and brand strategy, and leads innovative projects for front-end users.

Clara brings more than 10 years in enterprise government and nonprofit experience to the table.

With a foundational approach in behavioral science pedagogy, Clara combines her education and experience in educational technology, cause communication, and marketing strategy, applying a special research interest in UX and adult motivational theory into practice.


Speaking at Culture Geek Conference
Tuesday 15th June 2021

Session: If you build it, they won’t come

How do you serve half a million people art experiences with the doors shuttered? More content isn’t the answer. Outcome based strategies can create instant results, but not long-term brand gratification or affinity. Create a playbook to pivot your brand outcome to experiential – and learn from a pandemic experiment that leaned into data and science and continues to evolve from a community-first core.

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Clara Cobb