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Elisabeth Sassi

Elisabeth Sassi

Project Manager
Junge Tüftler

Elisabeth is a product designer. She studied at the School of Art Hamburg, at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art and at the Copenhagen Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. At the beginning of her career in 2009, she developed and also helped build exhibitions for museums. However, she quickly discovered a particular enthusiasm for the possibilities offered by digital technologies.

These topics have then always accompanied her projects as a service designer. At the same time, Elisabeth held a teaching position for Design Thinking at HPI in Potsdam. She also taught “Visual Thinking” at a high school in Berlin.

Her enthusiasm for teaching and knowledge transfer led Elisabeth to “Junge Tüftler” (Young Tinkerers). She has been working here as a project manager since 2019. Among other things, she is responsible for the educational programme for the museum “Futurium” in Berlin.

Elisabeth Sassi