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Hannah Doll

Hannah Doll

Head of Business Development & Sponsoring
Frankfurt Opera

Hannah Doll is Head of Development & Sponsoring at the Frankfurt Opera.

The development department was an important accelerator in transforming live opera into digital opera experiences by involving sponsors during the Covid-19 crisis. With simple and easy-to-use solutions the opera created content, that helped the partner companies with their communication purposes.


Speaking at Culture Geek Conference
Monday 14th June 2021

Session: How to Keep Your Sponsors During a Pandemic

Honoring sponsorship agreements during the pandemic is challenging. Most components of the partnerships cannot be fulfilled, leading to undesirable results such as pausing of sponsorships and postponed payments.

How can you encourage your sponsors to transform their support towards digital activities instead? As Head of Development & Sponsoring at the Frankfurt Opera, Hannah found different approaches for involving sponsors in digital activities.

In this session, she’ll share her best practices for creating content, adding value for all parties involved.

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Hannah Doll