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Linda Spurdle

Linda Spurdle

Head of Digital
Birmingham Museums Trust

Linda Spurdle is the Head of Digital at Birmingham Museums Trust, leading on digital strategy, digital engagement and ICT across the organisation.

She has spearheaded Birmingham’s open access policy, which has made thousands of out of copyright images free to use without restrictions. The online image resource and the partnership with Unsplash has resulted in these images being viewed millions or times and downloaded by hundreds of thousands, and the lockdown period saw more people than ever use these resources.

Early in 2020 Cut Copy Remix project challenged artists to create new works with open access images. Working with Cold War Steve and the Black Hole Club, the project was to culminate in an exhibition and opening event in April 2020. As a result of lockdown it became a digital first project, and was the perfect tonic for the time, having a huge reach and inspiring many people.

Despite the challenges of shutdown and three quarters of staff being furloughed, the museum has been more digitally engaged than ever, with new projects that have focused on community, well being and creativity.


Speaking at Culture Geek Conference
Monday 14th June 2021

Session: Cut Copy Remix

Birmingham Museums Trust worked with the satirical artist Cold War Steve and the Black Hole Club to reinvent the cancelled Cut Copy Remix exhibition and turn it into programme of digital work.

This expanded and morphed into new work shared online by participating artists over several months. Cold War Steve’s Benny’s Babbies was a joyful celebration of Birmingham, and it was welcomed by the public, bringing a dose of happiness and humour to a bleak time.

It also bought welcome income via poster sales! Something new and exciting came from a “postponed exhibition” coming alive online.

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Linda Spurdle