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Matt Saull

Matt Saull

Senior Marketing Manager

Matt joined the Barbican in 2014 and has held a variety of marketing roles since.

In response to the pandemic, he was seconded as the delivery manager for the Digital Products team, tasked with step-change projects across the Centre.

He’s particularly interested in how UX practices can be used in the Arts to improve the audience experience on and off-line.


Speaking at Culture Geek Conference
Tuesday 15th June 2021

Session: We’re not Netflix

In 2020 when we produced online events for the first time, we wanted our audience to feel a bit like they were coming to the Barbican, and we wanted to use our inhouse teams’ skills to give them a great experience just like they do in real life. We know we’re not Netflix, but still we wanted a bespoke solution integrated with our CRM. How could we deliver that with our small inhouse team?

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Matt Saull