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Rowan Cannon

Rowan Cannon

Wild Rumpus

Rowan Cannon set up Wild Rumpus in 2009 with Sarah Bird, initially dreaming up Just So Festival and then disappearing down a wormhole of immersive experiences and transformative experiences in outdoor landscapes.

Rowan & Sarah head up Wild Rumpus, working together on strategy, concepts and content. They’re interested in extending the fleeting experience of live events through deeper engagement in stories and ideas, in blurring the lines between participants and performers to create communities that inspire change. 

Wild Rumpus exist in a space where arts and culture meet the natural environment. Working from Ashbank Farm, as well as the Whirligig – 4 acres of woodland in Cheshire, we create experiences which inspire curiosity and design events that immerse audiences in incredible stories and moments of wonder.


Speaking at Culture Geek Conference
Tuesday 15th June 2021

Session: Sounds of the Forest

From a weekend camping festival in a forest in the Midlands, to a Global Forest Sound Map with over 2 million listens worldwide. In the midst of the pandemic when people needed the solace and restorative power of time in nature more than ever, taking Timber Festival online felt like the antithesis of what was needed. Instead Wild Rumpus inspired hundreds of people to enter their local woodlands and contribute to a natural sound map of the world, creating community and shared experience when many of us felt isolated and disconnected. Tune in for some Sounds of the Forest.

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Rowan Cannon