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Sitara Emily Shah

Sitara Emily Shah

Product Designer

Sitara is a product designer at the V&A. With a background in Fine Art and Front-End Development, she draws from both these to inform her practice. She is passionate about using digital to make art more accessible to people, allowing for alternative perspectives to the traditional narrative. In her spare time, Sitara likes to camp in her campervan (less of a campervan and more of a van) and read anything by Milan Kundera, preferable at the same time.


Speaking at Culture Geek Conference
Tuesday 15th June 2021

Session: Helping people discover over 1.2 million objects in the V&A’s collections

In 2019 we began work on Explore the Collections, a new product to make the V&A’s collections more discoverable and accessible to everyone online. Then the pandemic hit and suddenly everyone really became everyone. Would this change how people wanted to engage with the museum online? And would we need to pivot? 

Understanding the word pivot to mean the central point around which a mechanism turns, our work on designing Explore the Collections embodies this. Our central point was the collections. By staying true to this and reframing how we focus on different user behaviours, we were able to launch a product that people love. 

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Sitara Emily Shah